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#21 Toby Grotz presents:

“Mirror Image Symmetry in Coil Winding
and the Implications in
Biological and Electrical Systems”

See Toby’s schematics:
Toby Grotz Coil winding
Toby Grotz Coil winding

Toby’s talk will be followed by a short Q & A.

He says: An improved method of winding inductors, transformers and motors was discovered by Earl Koenig of Averill Park N.Y. The U.S. patents related to this invention 4,584, 438 and 4,806,834. This invention greatly enhances the ability to generate magnetic fields within a given space and with a given amount of wire. The mirror image symmetry (MIS) of winding coils is achieved by winding two strands of wire onto a coil form at the same time.

A little questionaire upfront

Q: This is an interesting title, but why should a layman learn about it?

Mirror Image Symmetry Coil Winding (MIS) is important because it can be used to reduce the cost of electrical appliances due to less use of copper wire to produce the same results as standard windings.

Q: What might it help in the future?

In the field of audio engineering, use of MIS reproduces sound using loudspeakers that minimize distortion. Although not yet tested, this would also apply to microphones and phonograph cartridges.

Q: Or, what does it help now?

Although the patents were granted in 1987 industry has not adopted the technology.

Q: I did a bit of research and found that Earl Koenig’s patent was in 1987.

Current research by this investigator indicates that the chirality of DNA and amino acids (left and right handedness, clockwise vs counterclockwise, of organic compounds) which is the same for all lifeforms, may be related to observations made during experiments with MIS.

Q: Why is a 35-year-old patent still vital?

Higher efficiencies related to rotation direction and observed in the MIS coil configuration may be adapted to the long sought goal prophesized by Tesla when he said “Ere many generations pass, our machinery will be driven by a power obtainable at any point in the universe.”

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23. Oktober 2021
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18:00 - 20:00

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